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Cronos Group’s telecommunication division was established in early 2000 as a licensed telecommunications operator and carrier specializing in the delivery of voice services to operators and service providers around the world, managing close to 70 carrier interconnects and reaching over 174 markets.voice-traffic-communications-600 With global deregulation of the telecommunication industry over the past decade increasing the amount of new intermediary service providers in the market place, downsizing market revenue and margin in mainstream markets, Cronos has taken the window of opportunity to evolve and reinvest it self as a Turn-key Content Delivery Provider of Voice, Messaging, Digital Media and Premium Services cross all platforms. Maintaining our roots within the international voice origination and termination sector, Cronos telecommunications business unit today is focusing its efforts in expanding its direct interconnections to international markets that are suffering from limited access, interconnectivity and other industry and political barriers enabling our consumers and customers to enjoy clean and clear voice.

Technology and Facilities

Fusing our carrier-class network facilities and cutting edge IP / Fiber technologies globally enables us to deliver worldwide connectivity and premium quality services and value added solutions to our customers, while peering with the world’s top IP backbone along with direct connectivity to our local and international partners, we deliver high efficiency, solid.

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