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Cronos Group helps advertising and marketing corporations reach millions of multicultural customers and deliver rich media and user-generated content to consumer and business news and information services.

We make it possible for you to reach and engage your audience with mobile marketing campaigns through our corporate advertising and marketing solution using:


1 in 5 US adult mobile phone owner have used their mobile device to make a purchase in the past month

Cronos Group understands that it’s not about IF you have Big Data, but about HOW to extract value from it. This takes tools and approaches that allow you to find and use the data in an effective way to improve analysis when required.  It requires the right storage, search, integration, and analytic software to make it all come to life.

The Advantages of our System include:

  • Information becomes relevant and is translated into a call-to-action plan
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Transformation that will create a both a significant and enduring impact
  • Clear focus on high-value opportunities
  • Existing data will drive actions and deliver value


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