Retail & Distribution Solutions

Either you are a retailer with your own distribution, point of sales and have access to direct markets, we can help you build your Brand or increase your brand awareness with our Telecommunications services to your captured markets.

The Cronos International voice Network is now available for your company while increasing the reach of your brands. We make possible for you to target the specific market and community according to your marketing plan.

We offer White Label Products, Network Outsourcing, Switch Partition, Billing Telecommunication products with a Wide variety of Multicultural Markets Platform. We help your organization with the Distribution of Telecommunication products through a wide variety of Multicultural Markets data bases.  We can provide you with Outsourcing of Telecommunications services, White Label Products, Network Outsourcing, Platform Services, Switch Partition and Billing.

To make a difference in your business today, you have to have greater awareness.  Awareness, which comes from more immediate access to information and more precise information, which allows you to make a better decision.


Click through rates on a mobile campaign are 30x time higher than PC

Ad recall is 15% higher among users on mobile than any other channel


Products to Retailers and Distributors

Calling card

Prepaid Calling Cards

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Customer Profiling

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Direct Customer Contact

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Branding Solutions

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SMS Broadcast

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SMS Contests

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SMS Polls text messages audience voting

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SMS Autoresponders

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Calling Cards

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Data Delivery

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