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Providing centralized Content Delivery Network through interactive voice, messaging and mobile web delivering our international and multicultural markets with informative, entertaining and business content in a socially conscious manner.


Cronos Group’s International Content Delivery Network facilitates its customers with an easy way to deliver voice, sms, text messages and media services worldwide. Cronos Group’s data mining capabilities has been able to establish a cutting edge technology in reaching to multicultural customers, delivering rich studio-quality entertainment and to consumers, user-generated content, business, media and information services.

More than 47 billion downloads were recorded in 2016 from about 1.5 million available apps. More than 5.1 billion apps were purchased. Only about half were downloaded from Applestore and Google Play, the rest being acquired from independent app stores. By 2020, U.S. research groups estimate application downloads will rise to 310 billion, including about 21 billion purchases. Those purchases will result in $75 billion of income for the industry, compared to about $15 billion today. As user spending shifts from upfront purchasing to in-app purchasing, converting casual users into paying.

Customers, in-app purchasing will grow to $102 billion in 2020 compared to under $30 billion in 2016.

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