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Cronos Group Ltd is a multinational conglomerate that has grown through the development and acquisition of communication networks, advanced technology solutions and expert teams from across the globe.

Cronos Group delivers alike consumers, corporations, service providers and operators enhanced unified communication solutions and delivery channels into multi-cultural and niche markets internationally, with corporate presence in Asia, Europe and America, along with a network infrastructure reaching the farthest corners of the globe.

Cronos as a global provider of advanced voice and data services into the regulated, rapid growth and emerging markets, offers wholesales telecommunication carriers and enterprises superior service quality and network performance throughout its own direct network and strategic partnerships.

From developing and managing foreign relationships to designing and implementing local infrastructures, Cronos Group successfully delivers integrated solutions in country and on time.

The Cronos Group has developed and is currently managing own networks in over a dozen of counties in South America, Africa and the Middle East, delivering services to over 80 international telecom carriers, calling card companies and service providers worldwide.



Diana Daniels Chief Executive Officer

Diana Daniels
Chief Executive Officer

A note from the CEO

Cronos Group’s corporate governance allows us to strength current environment of enterprise management through a clear transparency in the strategic decisions of the company, while we implement a tight control in all processes. We have a clear definition and all functions and responsibilities of each management system, as well as of the supervision of such systems through out the corporation. We are continuously looking in to the improvement of all corporate practices and strengthening the corporate ethic through a clear and defined values and mission of the company. At Cronos Group, we are dedicated to ensure that the high standards of operation are established and maintained. Our culture of operations demands an intact integrity, immovable commitment to strict internal practices and policies. We have the highest confidence in our people, whose primary goal is to achieve exceptional growth and one hundred-percentage commitment to customer satisfaction. Our talented team, posses wide in depth telecommunications and retail expertise, top industry knowledge, and worldwide business know how, and vast management experience in fast development and high growing companies. Our leadership team is responsible attracting and retaining new talent that meets the highest standards, providing them the best quality environment for operation. We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.