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Our Products

Cronos Group is a Telecommunications company that is committed to the process of innovation within the communities we develop, work and help create.

Our success begins with the ability that our team to apply new technologies, with innovative ways to communicate people, often in combination with an endless number of real world customer needs. We mainly work within three major lines of businesses:

  • Communication, making complex networks simple.
  • Mobile Marketing, converting users into  loyal customers.
  • Consumer Mobility, users changing their entire experience.

The telecommunications voice market is experiencing a tremendous change during the past years. The traffic since the economical crisis in 2009 stopped a steady growth of double digit, falling down to barely make 5% increase during the following years. While demand for cross-border communications has not declined, hundreds of millions of consumers have discovered that they can communicate without the service of a telecommunication operator.

Increasingly, callers are turning to software-based communications applications on computers and mobile devices to keep in touch with personal and business contacts, and the share of international traffic routed via computer-to computer VoIP services has skyrocketed. The voice traffic already reached 490 billion minutes a year, and 34% of that is already using the VoIP technology.

The new technologies indeed are the ones experiencing the growth in the market. The new entrants and emergent industry leaders are the one taking the bigger pieces of the pie. Companies in the VOIP ecosystem has taken away 51billion minutes out of their market place, and it is calculated that 40% of that traffic is VoIP.

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