Bringing solutions and facing changes with great impact in business plans and implementations are taking telecommunications to the next level. The solutions that are begin offered have brought optimization of time and money to the industry, but in order to make changes in your business plan, you need to know the right implementations to use in your business.


The companies have been flexible following trends to a greater dynamism. This evolution in the ecosystem will be constantly changing in a fast pace. It is necessary to make projections of the business plans, in order to have successful executions in the area you want to define.


  1. Changes on the fixed telephony to solutions on the cloud. This has been the option companies are choosing because of their notorious ROI, flexibility, reliability, security and scalability. According to the consulting company Gartner, the unified communications represent 25% of the implementations in the industry. It is predicted that in the next years, cloud solutions will overcome the traditional communication. This will bring greater opportunities and will fill in the gaps that right now may exist.
  2. Telcos will deliver native mobile experience from end to end. It is not news that the industry has had a decrease in the market offering lower costs, but this is not enough to balance the increase of users and traffic. Mobility comes to a key priority for business, where mobile telephones are a basic tool, not only as phone but also as personal assistants. Nowadays, many companies are offering useful tools and apps that use bridges and connection to data and bring critical results sharing information in real time, such as video calls, messaging or access to shared files. In some cases, there is a single number associated to multiple devices. Apps and tools sometime connect to any internet connection available and not all types of connections are useful for business. Manufacturers have increased the number of native devices delivering the right tools for the complete integration for business apps.Cronos-portada2-32
  3. Artificial intelligence and analysis prediction. It has been seen that businesses have been using these advantages to improve services, developing strategies that will benefit business and relations with customers. The adaptation of artificial intelligence is already assisting people in their business and homes. The use of the cloud in companies is vital, because with the information that the cloud has, it will predict tendencies. Allowing better communication among different departments in the same company. Predictive analysis will give you statistics and accurate information that will be a vital function, as a result of big data and business intelligence.


Some significant changes can bring greater benefits for you and your business.