Country Profile: Argentina

The population in Argentina is 42 million where 56% has access to internet and 142% are subscribed to mobile service. According to the World Bank there are 1.449.293 people migrating to Argentina and 957.189 of Argentine migrates to other countries.

Users watching Argentina matches

  • According to FIFA in 2010 the audiences during Argentina matches largely stayed at a similar level to 2006, with audience reach showing a slight (+0.1%) increase.
    Coverage (hh:mm): 2513:54
    Audience reach: 33.6m
    Average live match audience: 3.1m
    Peak match audience: 12.4m


Argentina vs. Nigeria

  • Argentina and Nigeria had six previous encounters in the World Cup over the years. Argentina won four of them and Nigeria won once. The remaining match ended in 0-0 tie. 
  • This game will be quite interesting as both sides want to be on the top of the  group although Argentina hasn’t shown the football that characterises them so far  counting on Messi to bring the magic to the team. Argentina has to play well both if Messi is on the field or not. Nigeria is most likely to qualify to the top 16 unless they loose to Argentina and Iran beats Bosnia.


  • Less football but more and better public services
    Although more than two weeks have passed since the inauguration of the World Cup, the manifestations of Brazilian citizens do not cease, they prefer less football, less stadiums but more and better public services.
  • Italy fails and goes home in the first round
    Group D closes with Latin flavor sending home the European teams. In the final stage of the match Uruguay won 1 to 0 against Italy, reaching its qualification for the second round. A World Cup that everyday brings more and more surprises, an event where many of the favorites have gone home in the first round.

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The Results (June 24th)

Costa Rica

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Ivory Coast


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Download the World Cup 2014 PDF file by form of a wall chart. Print it out and enjoy the event.

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