Country Profile: Colombia

The population in Colombia is 47 million where 49% has access to internet and 103% are subscribed to mobile service. According to the World Bank there are 110.297 people migrating to Colombia and 2.123.237 of Colombian people migrates to other countries.


TV global viewers increase

  • Among the seven countries surveyed by SSI, there was a 9% increase in admissions in the period 2006-2010, in line with the growth of global TV viewers in the 8% in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Television Audience Report. The expectancy for 2014 is to grow at least 19%.


Colombia vs Ivory Coast

  • After  16 years of absence this is the first World Cup for Colombia.
  • It is the first time Colombia and Ivory Coast will meet at a WorldCup.
  • After winning 3-0 in Greece, Colombia now is looking for their first qualification to the next round.


  • Charles Aránguiz (Chile) played with number 20  in its jersey and 19 on his short.
  • Spain: What happened to the words “we’ll play like champions”?
  • Yesterday was the end of a cycle in Spain.
    The king succession and the elimination of the football team of the World Cup. Now the eyes and high hopes are on the king Felipe VI and the boys of the Spanish sub 21 quarries.
  • Australia, also was sent home.
    Is the 4th time they qualified to a World Cup and this time they are being sent home in the First round.

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