Country Profile: Costa Rica

The population in Costa Rica is 4,5 million where 47% has access to internet and 128% are subscribed to mobile service. According to the World Bank there are 489,201 people migrating to Costa Rica and 125.300 of Costa Ricans migrates to other countries.

    Cost Rica vs. Greece

  • We will see two working teams. It’s going to be an interesting match and great to see these two nations in the 16. Greece has a fierce defence and Costa Rica has shown aggressive attacks. We’ll see how Costa Ricans do against the wall of “SPARTA”!
  • Costa Rica was the first Central American football team to win a game at a World Cup tournament.
  • Costa Rica is the only Central American football team to qualify for next round in FIFA World Cup and U-20 World Cup
  • Costa Rica finished in first place in the 1990 FIFA World Cup qualification and 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification with the best punctuation in the history of the Hexagonal. (23 pts).
  • Costa Rica is the only Central American or Caribbean squad to have beat both a UEFA and AFC national team at the FIFA World Cup


The Results (June 26th)


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South Korea

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  • Connectivity at World Cup 2014
    Brazilian telecoms have been given a massive upgrade in recent months. It means Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity should be everything that fans need. Oi, the telecoms company doing the upgrades, said it has gone from 78,000 Wifi hotspots in April to a massive 700,000 now, making it Brazil’s largest network. 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity have also had boosts with better coverage at key points in the tournament cities across Brazil.
  • FIFA penalize Suarez
    Nine international games and from all football for four months is the result of sank his teeth into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini last Tuesday.

  • Google, Facebook and Twitter
    The Fifa World Cup 2014 has an audience that stretches across the globe. So it’s no surprise that sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google have also geared up to give people all the information and highlights from the World Cup as it happens, in real time. Google with “Oneboxes for World Cup”, which show the live results, schedules, game and team stats and lineups. At the World Cuphub, visitors can see posts from their Facebook friends that relate to football, and also from the pages they follow. Twitter has also got some world cup specific functions, starting with “hashflags” – enter a hashtag followed by a three letter country code and you can tweet the flag of the team you’re supporting. But there’s a lot more.

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