Country Profile: Ecuador

The population in Ecuador is 15 million where 35% has access to internet and 110% are subscribed to mobile service. According to the World Bank there are 434.343 people migrating to Ecuador and 1.147.901 of Ecuadorian people migrates to other countries.


Ecuador in the World Cup

  • The best participation of Ecuador was during the world cup 2006 where they passed to the 2nd round. The player with more matches played is Iván Hurtado and the goalscore star is Augustín Delgado. According to the Forecast at the moment Ecuador has a 25.3% of likely to move to the second round.
  • The probability of Ecuador of winning this Word Cup according to Forecast is 0.40%


Ecuador vs. Honduras

  • Ecuador and Honduras have met 13 times, Honduras has won 2 times and Ecuador has won 3 times, the other 8 were draws. According to FIFA the favorite team for this match in social networks is Honduras.
  • The match will be in Curitiba at Arena Baixada stadium which was constructed in 1914 and has an overall capacity for 39.631 people.


  • Betting during the World Cup
    Bets from smartphones and tablets will make the Brazil World Cup into the most lucrative sporting event in history.
  • According to the Yearbook of the Game in Spain 2012-2013, sports betting have increased by 187.3% since 2009. Sports betting in 2012 generated a total of 405 million euros.
  • Colombia is one step away from the next round
    The Colombian team is one step away from qualifying the second round, this full of hope to the whole country.
  • Which foreign nation has the most fans in Brazil?

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