Country Profile: Ghana

The population in Ghana is 25 million where just 17% has access to internet and 100% are subscribed to mobile service. According to the World Bank there 825.414 of people from Ghana migrating to other countries.

    Ghana vs. Portugal

  • It’ll be the first encounter between Ghana and Portugal during a World Cup. According to FIFA’s vote recount on social media 62% of soccer fans will cheer Portugal’s team and the other 38% prefer Ghana’s team
  • Cristiano Ronaldo rules out chances
    If the stars align Portugal can still squeeze into the last 16 but Cristiano Ronaldo has already ruled out their chances of lifting the World Cup title. However, if either Germany or USA lose and Paulo Bento’s side beat Ghana by a sufficient margin, Ronaldo and co could pinch second spot in Group G.


The Results (June 25th)


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  • Travelling World Cup fans are being warned about the high cost of using their mobile phones abroad
    According to “The Telegraph” based on the average roaming costs across eight networks and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, making one five-minute phone call to the UK each day, receiving one five-minute phone call, listening to a two-minute voicemail message and sending ten text messages would cost an average £21.22 a day, or £212.20 over a ten day trip.
  • FIFA starts disciplinary action against Luis Suarez after biting claims
    FIFA said that it has begun proceedings against Luis Suarez was accused of biting another player during his team’s World Cup victory over Italy a day earlier. Tuesday’s incident was during soccer’s biggest spectacle, in front of an audience of millions.
  • German company GoalControl has fitted 14 high-speed cameras – seven per goalmouth – to the roof of each of the 12 stadiums.
    These are connected to an image-processing computer that filters out non-ball-shaped objects and tracks the ball’s position to within a few millimetres, the company says. When the ball crosses the goal line, the system – which has been thoroughly tested by governing body Fifa – sends a vibration to the referee’s watch and the word “GOAL” appears on his screen, all in less than a second.


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