There is no longer a debate whether to implement technology in our lives or not, but rather how fast and to what extent. Technology has impregnated every aspect of life itself from communication to public services evolving to create the “smart home, smart government, smart city” concept. We have already seen the potential of the internet and are starting to acknowledge artificial life as a contribution to our development. So, what tech advances can we expect from 2017? And how will they affect life as we know it?

Say Bye to cables

Apple set a trend when the IPhone 7 was presented last fall surprising the world by eliminating the audio input, replacing the original headphones with wireless earpieces. This year, not only Apple but Samsung as well are working on a complete wireless experience, including phone charging, advancing to a scenario where the functionality of cellphones increases given its growing independence from power sources.

Mixed Reality- Augmented Reality

With 2016 setting the trend of virtual reality, this year, the mission is to make it accessible for consumers around the world in a more social design that allows them to interact more naturally with the VR devices. It is expected that businesses, games, and social networks implement the virtual reality experience to their platforms hence improving the consumers experience with them.

Artificial intelligence

Last year, it was demonstrated that machines can be design to think on their own, as proven by the AlphaGo program, able to make complex decisions based on its experience. Artificial Intelligence has been developed to build, create, solve and aid but there is always the preoccupation of it being used for other purposes. So, one of the trends we’ll probably see this year regarding robotics is regulations to prevent it from getting out of hand.

Talking apps

Costumer support will take a turn when the “chatbots” are introduced throughout this year. In fact, it can be presumed that call center will be completely replaced by bots in only three more years.


3D printing for everyone

Although 3D printing has been around for several years, 2017 will be different because the printers will become accessible to the consumer’s pocket. The effect on society is still uncertain even though we can already presume its potential to change the buying experience (why buy if we can print?)

As expected this year will be centered in universalizing human access to technology, making it even more necessary for people to own at least a Smartphone to be able to interact in today’s world.