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The 2017 edition of the Mobile World Congress passed by so quickly, it almost seems as if another four days would have been necessary to be able to see everything. With over 108.000 attendees and 2000 expositors from all over the world, the MWC has become the biggest mobile industry event. And for a second year in a row, Cronos Group was there.

Right by the Spain Pavilion, our team received attendees at the Cronos Group stand, where we were happy to present our main projects: Tinkerlink and Opulix.

Tinkerlink, breaks all schemes as an app that provides safety, speed and trust, to help you find trustworthy experts or potential clients to offer your skills and make extra money.

Search, find and connect, that’s the idea. The user has the possibility to create cards: “I’m Tinker” or “Need Tinker” to choose whether to offer skills or to find someone inside their network to help with a task. Available at Google Play.  

Opulix, is a crowdsourced platform where writers from all over the world have the possibility to have their own blog and express their ideas with the world. With a community of almost 70 authors and over 10000 readers, Opulix publishes daily articles about life, science, politics, tech and more.

Based on the principle of shared economy, our projects are built on the idea that together we can create and achieve greater things. We saw that principle replicated at the Mobile World Congress where ideas worked better when connected with others, achieving a whole new level of innovation to improve the human experience.

Smartphones need protection today, good maintenance and good use. These are essential tasks we must take to avoid irreparable damage to our phone.


There are different ways where mobiles can be hacked by true professionals who are dedicated to stealing information to access personal information such as bank details. Hackers can infect your device remotely, by malware or via Wi-Fi networks that are not secure. This is especially true for operating systems such as Android. To prevent this from happening, you can perform various actions, but first you must learn to recognize when your phone has been hacked:


  • If your device’s battery runs out quickly.


  • If apps are opened automatically.


  • If you get unexpected invoices charges.


And these are the actions to prevent and avoid future problems:


  • Block your mobile with passwords, if they are numbers, avoid tapping the same ones that you use in your bank. For other passwords, you should use capital letters, numbers and a word that no one can decipher, the more complicated the better. Try to change these passwords from time to time.


  • Never give anyone any of your passwords. You never know where this password can end up.


  • Back Up! Remember to create backups. Transports your data to another device, computer, hard disk, Tablet, but always have a copy, so you will never lose information in case of theft or hacking your mobile phone.


  • Use apps like FindMyIphone or alternatives for Android to protect your cell phone. These apps let you remotely locate and control your phone and even reset the entire device if this is necessary.


  • Keep away from some public networks without security codes (those you don’t know), because they provide easy access to hackers. Be also careful when using your Bluetooth. Always select the invisible mode so that other users cannot detect you.


  • Don’t click on links from unknown SMS. These links might be malware. Also avoid downloading Apps, via SMS, that can also introduce malware to your device.


Finally, update your software as often as you can, because it restores and corrects errors that have occurred on the device and prevents the mobile from new malware.





Our digital society moves towards a new generation of communications, the 5G. This means, wired and wireless devices will use the same infrastructure, leading us to the next step of strategic technology thought to this “connected” society. The incorporation of IoT in our daily lives would be easier thanks to the ultra-high bandwidth that will serve to improve connectivity not only for users but for objects.

The goal of 5G is to be available for everybody. Not the case with 4G, which has been fully implemented by American carriers. Which is why Europe is now generating strategies to start the development of 5G technologies.

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