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Duanwu or the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated as a public holiday in China, and unofficially is celebrated by the Chinese communities of Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia.

The overseas Chinese population is aprox. 50,000,000 (the 3.7% of the local population in 2012) in special holidays, as the Dragon Boat Festival the voice traffic increases as all the emigrants want to talk with their relatives.

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Mother´s Day is the second biggest gifting holiday on the calendar behind Christmas. Around 66% of the people give flowers. The immigrant population in every country still maintains their bonds to their origin countries. It said that where somebody has born is the Mother Land, the first spoken Language is the Mother Tong and Mother there is just one.   Keep Reading →


The other day I started making some research to find out why would women talk as much as 13 thousand more words a day than any ordinary man and accidentally found several technics in how to elongate your phone call conversation.

So if you are one of those that were wondering how to talk to someone more on the phone I believe I have some answers for you. Now, if you are on the contraire seat of the road and want to be able to shorten the conversation, let me give you a counter action plan to be able to leave the call in amicable terms!

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Did you know that the first telecom programmer was a woman? She was Ada Byron.

Women today represent a growing force in Telecom. Both in the corporate world as industry leaders holding CXO level positions and in the consumer market representing the largest market segment in the USA.

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