The other day I started making some research to find out why would women talk as much as 13 thousand more words a day than any ordinary man and accidentally found several technics in how to elongate your phone call conversation.

So if you are one of those that were wondering how to talk to someone more on the phone I believe I have some answers for you. Now, if you are on the contraire seat of the road and want to be able to shorten the conversation, let me give you a counter action plan to be able to leave the call in amicable terms!

Here are the Top three:

1.- Brainstorm. – Think of particular topics that you could talk about. You might discuss work or school, or a particular person that is bothering you or another person you might admire.
Potential Counter Action: First tell your friend, how much you appreciate his/her friendship, but you rather to share life stories with him/her and hopefully those stories to share would be meaningful!

2.- Start the Conversation.- You might begin by saying “How was your day?” or “What did you do today?”
Potential Counter Action: If you notice that saying goodbye is difficult for your friend, and he or she keeps dragging the conversation out, simply let him or her know that you’re wanting to get off of the phone, and you’ll call in a couple of days. Then say goodbye and hang up.

3.- Play a game.- If you happen to run out of things to talk about, you can play a game such as the “21 questions” game where you ask people 21 questions and they answer.
Potential Counter Action: RUN! And then yes, come back to the phone and tell your friend that the quantity of time talking is not indicative of how much you like them, and if you’d like to talk with them for a shorter period of time, let them know how often and for how long.

In any event shall your attempt to either extend or abbreviate your conversation might be successful, I just would love to share as a final point for today with you a thought from Hugh C. Cameron: “ Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. ”.

Some sources of this article has been found, remix, transformed with material published in the Creative Commons website