The Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona at the beginning of the year, was a great opportunity for enterprises to show the inventions, devices, ideas, apps, that have revolutionize the Mobile Industry and will continue to do so.


At the event, Diana Daniels, Cronos Group’s CEO, had the opportunity to talk about the different approaches the company has, to contribute to the mobile industry and more importantly, to make use of this industry to generate social development. That’s why, she seized the opportunity to present Tinkerlink, the newest project of the company, developed as an app that’ll change the dynamic of finding and providing services.

As she explains it, Tinkerlink was born by the idea that through their mobile, people can find and connect with people recommended by someone they know, to help them fulfill a specific task in complete certainty they are trustworthy.

Tinkerlink was created thinking in the nanny, the plumber, the bartender that can provide their services to people within a safe network, thus creating a system of shared economies where people help people.