Yesterday, May the Third, Cronos Group was present at the XII Fair of Enterprises at the Physics and Chemistry department of the University of Barcelona. The event gathered dozens of companies giving students the chance to learn about all the possible job offers they can apply in the future, even working in areas they haven´t considered before. Likewise, it allowed companies like Cronos Group to collect valuable resumes of students highly qualified and eager to learn and work.

When visiting Cronos Group stand, students were very excited in meeting a company that not only is a leader in the telecommunication business, but also invests and diversifies its services in other technological services like App development, Mobile Marketing and more. Specially, students were enthusiastic when they learned about TinkerLink, the app developed by the Cronos Team that was officially launched this week in Latin America.

Overall, the fair was a great opportunity for students and companies in general. Cronos Group meet and connected with brilliant students and open the possibility for them to be part of the team in the future. It was a wonderful experience and a good initiative by the University. ¡Thank you for having Cronos Group at the XII Fair!