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Past February 24th through the 27th, during the Mobile World Congress days, as the official dates, adding extra time of the tangential events, we as industry, where showing, selling, discussing and questioning What’s next.

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The MWC is an event extrapolated to the set of the show, this year with a record of 85.000 visitors, 1.800 exhibitors, 3.400 journalists and 240 speakers, configures a very interesting ecosystem which could be defined as the 360º overview of the communication technologies.

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MWC-girlMany professionals agree, to share knowledge and collaborate is the smartest. There are constant changes in device models, network systems, social platforms, ​​-Communication and Development- languages, and that means the business model must be also mutable, especially in an ecosystem feed by flows and exchanges. Sharing is clever, is the way to develop more complex models and rich media and formats.

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To develop an app is like a race. The training starts with a near future prediction: at the end of 2014 there will be more connected mobile devices than computers. Each smartphone has an average of 9 applications installed. The sprint starts with the strategy, and many people believe that the race ends  at the user hands, like if it was the destination or arrival, although many others believe that is where the real race starts. Keep Reading →