Past February 24th through the 27th, during the Mobile World Congress days, as the official dates, adding extra time of the tangential events, we as industry, where showing, selling, discussing and questioning What’s next.

As we all know, to target an audience and to forecast the impact it is a must in any campaign, event or social network. Within the vast spaces, the roles of the companies showed how they’ve been evolving through out the course of these many years at the MWC. Google as an example, used to be the company with the most spectacular, different, creative and funny elements on their showcase space, although this year, according to many of its fans, it was boring. It seems they don´t need to fight for the developer’s attention anymore. As a contrast, this year one of the most impressive stands among the MWC was Samsung’s. Their touchable and intangible presence, complemented within all different social media, was one of the most relevant.

Many of the services and devices presented in the MWC are still in experimental phase (or beta), but that examples revealed to us what are the possible trends for the future, despite the future might not be as we imagine it; science fiction has given us clues, like the usage of touch less (or touch free) solutions, gesture recognition, data encryption and protection, wearable items, and technologies, mobile payments, and for sure the Internet of the Things, the Internet of everything, connecting everything to the network, and many other usage of technology that has been in books and movies, we wonder if all this story telling book had created more trends in development than actual predictions. 

While there are many real products and services that are real promises, and many other are already working with success on the market, we also were exposed to many ideas of the services and products as a hope. Now besides imagining the future we can create, it is time to work, and we are working focused on the effectiveness of our future impact, imagine it.

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