The MWC is an event extrapolated to the set of the show, this year with a record of 85.000 visitors, 1.800 exhibitors, 3.400 journalists and 240 speakers, configures a very interesting ecosystem which could be defined as the 360º overview of the communication technologies.

Barcelona wants to be the Mobile World Capital, and during this days it was, offering the perfect context to strength expansion processes, inviting professionals and companies to establish new connections. Building technology is advancing really fast and there is a geopolitical desynchronization, during these days in the MWC new and emerging markets where one of the subjects to talk about, some growing countries, located in many parts of Africa or Asia are the new focus of interest. Globalization and initiatives as try to make the communication connection more affordable than ever to reach more of parts of the world. In a congress whit 98.00 m2 surface of defined space, there are combined the latest business models in Devices, Services, Apps, Carriers, Cloud, Data, Health, Social Marketing and Media. The idea of reaching the globe begins not just with these companies of all lines of developments, that also begins from the institutional investment and the education of the different generations.  

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