To develop an app is like a race. The training starts with a near future prediction: at the end of 2014 there will be more connected mobile devices than computers. Each smartphone has an average of 9 applications installed. The sprint starts with the strategy, and many people believe that the race ends  at the user hands, like if it was the destination or arrival, although many others believe that is where the real race starts.

With companies investing billion of dollars in mobile apps companies, such is the case of Facebook acquiring the messaging App company  Whatsapp for US $12billion, or Viber  another communication app to be acquired by Rakuten for $900 million USD, at the end it comes to the question of what is your final goal while creating an app.

The Mobile is a prospective market, with new players and new roles, in within different ecosystems all of them with different product possibilities, meaning a vast diversity of suppliers and demands, different audiences, different geographical areas with different interests.

If the training -the strategy and the burst of speed- is not enough, the runner will be the last one of the race… like the ghost Apps, those ones that are installed in a mobile device, but never used again. That happens probably because the App was not focused to the user profile or target.

To develop a successful race -an App- more than a good concept, design and usability should have a strategic distribution plan, a good campaign for customer acquisition and retention, and that is basically achieved with good team work. It  must have a communication and distribution outline,its planning is part of the investment and directly affects the revenue.

Distribution could focus  different and specific market niches, where they are and how do they work or act, depends on different parameters. Something definitive is, that if you want to participate in a race – long or short distance- you have to know what is your goal.


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