MWC-girlMany professionals agree, to share knowledge and collaborate is the smartest. There are constant changes in device models, network systems, social platforms, ​​-Communication and Development- languages, and that means the business model must be also mutable, especially in an ecosystem feed by flows and exchanges. Sharing is clever, is the way to develop more complex models and rich media and formats.

The MWC benefits in 365 million euros the city of Barcelona and creates 7,220 jobs. In addition to be the frame to present some highly anticipated devices and many other surprises, the MWC is a networking context and this year coincided with two important transactions, buying WhatsApp by Facebook, and  the fall of Mt Gox.

In fact, two of the most anticipated presentations were those of Zuckeberg (Facebook creator) and Koum (WhatsApp co-creator) whose presentations will highlight their approach to one of the most  latent subjects in different sectors, such as security and privacy. Zuckerberg was critical with the scandal of espionage in the White House, in this case we doubt that any private company had nothing to do with. Koum, in his talk with entrepreneurs stated “We want to continue knowing least of our customers as possible” the respect for the privacy of its users will remain a key part of its services. Both, Koum and Zuckerberg commented that WhatsApp will include smart voice services.

The voice services remain as an important communication system, one of the debates where the new roll of the carriers, every voice system needs routes to arrive to their destinations.

Sometimes new models need time to be viable, the fall of Mt Gox (one of the most important Bitcoin companies) was a surprise, but according to the later John Matonis’ statements (Bitcoin Foundation) was “an isolated incident”.

The MWC is the perfect meeting place for entrepreneurs and large companies, to show, debate and generate new models, so we can start preparations for Mobile World Congress 2015.

Somebody wrote a tweet about the MWC “millionaires wear T-shirt, workers wear ties’ carnival it´s approaching, it’s time of changing masks.


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