On April 6th, more than 50 people visited our Cronos Group headquarters in Barcelona to attend the “Family and Friends Testing Day”, an event in which people of all ages, nationalities, tastes and professions came together to test and discover our latest project, the Tinkerlink app.

This event was a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback from the attendees, which will be the starting point for the final phase of the development process before the app is launched in the upcoming months.

Tinkerlink is an app that allows the user to search, find and connect with trustworthy experts, based on the sharing economy model. The main purpose of the app is to create a secure contact network in which the users can offer their services, as well as find experts to hire, based on recommendations from their contact network.

This new platform offers a unique way to hire people and find clients. It allows the user to post ads and publish all the services they’re good at, reaching out to more people and making their skills known, all within a secure and recommended network.

The design, the effectiveness, and the certainty of being able to contact people that are recommended by a personal circle of friends and contacts, were some of the biggest Testing Day highlights. Thanks to the valuable comments from the attendees, the Tinkerlink team is now ready to take care of the last details and make final improvements to the app before it enters the market, providing people a new way to find work and connect with trustworthy experts.

These are some moments experienced during the Family & Friends Testing Day