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Cronos Group has been operating in Spain since 2013 and betting on technological development, has served as a bridge between the Asian and European market to boost the digital industry, the diary GTC has wanted to highlight the work of the company and for that he spoke in exclusive with Diana Daniels, CEO Founder of Cronos.

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Yesterday, May the Third, Cronos Group was present at the XII Fair of Enterprises at the Physics and Chemistry department of the University of Barcelona. The event gathered dozens of companies giving students the chance to learn about all the possible job offers they can apply in the future, even working in areas they haven´t considered before. Likewise, it allowed companies like Cronos Group to collect valuable resumes of students highly qualified and eager to learn and work.

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The tech culture has gained an unfortunate fame of being biased and unwelcoming to women, and with good reason: only 11% of executive positions in tech companies are filled with women, and just 25% of jobs in general are held by female workers. However, this reality in begin to swift in the right direction, mainly due to the wonderful work women in tech have done, proving their capabilities to transform the industry.

Here are three highly influential women that have gained the respect and recognition of their equals in the business:

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On April 6th, more than 50 people visited our Cronos Group headquarters in Barcelona to attend the “Family and Friends Testing Day”, an event in which people of all ages, nationalities, tastes and professions came together to test and discover our latest project, the Tinkerlink app.

This event was a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback from the attendees, which will be the starting point for the final phase of the development process before the app is launched in the upcoming months.

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